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. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving a forward. >> take a look at the future of your team. mike shanahan polling his first minicamp, and we had a chance to get in and get you a peak of donovan mcnabb id redskins gear. donovan says he felt like a freshman today, but had fine and is excited about his new team. >> i just tried to display a great work ethic by watching films and training with these guys. i think it was beneficial for us to get out here. >> he is a worker. he has come out here and from the ball well. we are just looking forward to him getting to know the system a little bit better and feeling more comfortable with the system. >> a lot of eyes on boat running backs, larry johnson and parker. they have been brought in to compete with playing time. clinton portis says he has some things to prove. >> for all the naysayers and haters, it finally open my eyes this off-season. i think that is the motivation 90, just to feel like it's me against the world again. all the media outlets to wanted be out of here and who felt like i could not do i
freedom ring ♪ >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving forward. >> in all the scenarios you might have guessed in the first round of the series, this is not one of them -- the caps losing the first came to montreal, getting blown out today at home, and going to overtime. montreal scored two goals in the first eight minutes. that was it for caps' goalie jose theodore. here come the caps. they are down 4-1 late in the second. nicklas backstrom gets the rebound to make it 4-2 in the early third. john carlson, the rookie, takes the shot. we are at three. midway through the third, watch backstrom. he is out front. he will score again. it is 4-4. with over five minutes left, montreal is controlling the puck. this happen sometimes. watch mike greene. the puck goes up and into the net. it is 5-4. there is a minute and a half. here is john carlson, no. 74. drop pass, 5-5, we go to overtime. if it only took 30 seconds to decide this one. here comes backstrom down the middle. he gets the hat trick. with a huge comeback, they even the series at a game each.
's causing all of this? >> it really is if you're ready to buy a car, do it the right way. we know toyota in the past didn't have to offer incentives. they had the best-selling model car eight of the past ten years. people were buying toyotas even without the incentives. but because of course all the recalls, the bad publicity, sales dipped tremendously low and they were forced to offer incentives and they're pretty big, on average over $2,200 per war. they have taken their market share up 41%. they almost doubled their sales in march from february. and these incentives are totally fueling this. now, the other automakers are seeing this. they're losing some market share. they know they have to keep up. it's like if you have a gas station a half-mile down the road and you own the other gas station, if he cults his price by ten cents, you have to follow. it's really kind of -- it drags actually the whole industry down in terms of incentives. there's a lot of peer pressure here and fighting for everyone's dollars. >> do you have some examples of what different carmakers are offering? >> this
headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. more problems for toyota and possible headaches for its mini van owners. the car maker is preparing for a voluntary recall of 870,000 mini vans in the u.s. and canada. a spare tire may come loose and fall on to the road, creating a hazard for other drivers. it applies to mini vans sold between 1998 and 2010. in the past few months toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles worldwide. >>> the crew of the space shuttle "discovery" pack their bags and head home to earth but not before exchanging goodbye hugs and handshakes with their counter parts. "discovery" docked from the international space station this morning. they are set to land monday morning in weather permits. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." >>> this crisis could have been avoided if wall street firms were more accountable, if financial dealings were more transparent and if consumers and share holders were given more information and authority to make decisions but that didn't happen. and that is because special interests have waged a relentless campaign thwart even b
you were at there? >> we drove. >> what kind of car? >> it varies but usually it was a toyota van is the best way i can describe it. it was pretty beaten up and battered. the tribe in afghanistan is like number pool. there is a lot of honking and a lot of cars. i always thought we are about to have an accident at any moment because everybody converges and ships around to try to get through. >> how often were you personally afraid? >> oftentimes i was afraid after-the-fact. there was a time when we were out after curfew early on in 2001 and we were just so frantic to get back into kabul so we could get back but checkpoints. at the time i didn't have the time to be afraid that when we finally got through the mess we had to get through i thought back and i thought we had some close calls. >> who was on the front of this? what is the picture? >> that is actually a picture of an afghan man on a motorcycle on his way to the airbase. it is on the road that leads the bagram airbase. whether or not he is going to bagram or not i don't know. a colleague of mine took this photo from the car.
on toyota and troubles. joining detroit near the worst of the worst, here are the other four, the bottom five. st. louis, missouri at number 49. miami sunshine, no warmth for job seekers, 48. legislation, a real gamble for the jobless at 47 and riverside, california next. with ten people competing for every help wanted ad. but not all the news is so grim. let's take a look at the top of the list, the top five major cities, the easiest in the nation to get a job. in at number five, hartford, connecticut three people vying for every job ad. number four, believe it or not, was wall street close, the big apple. baltimore, maryland the third best spot and again, no surprise the next one, washington d.c. at number two. uncle sam is a big higher and one person per advertised jobs, pretty good odds, chances are things will only get better here with government growing and bureaucracy a boomtown. drum roll, please! now, the easiest city in the nation to find a job, technology tops these case in hiring, so san jose and silicon valley, the best spot to be without a job, it's just about even with the
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, big-ticket items like cars have been up a lot. especially since toyota slashed prices on all the automakers slashed to match them. all of a sudden there's an incentive to buy cars. things do seem to be happening. i think, you know, the economy's like a giant oil tanker. hard to turn around but once it's moving. >> but once we change course and we see the horizon in the right direction, we do get excited about it, hal. >> it's true. >> i have to tell you, i'm much happier reporting on the potential for good economic news than i am of the likelihood of a bad economy. >> no question. i certainly see more grins around this place than i did the last time we talked about this particular issue. and then, gee, what was the number last year about this time in the stock market? nearly half of what it is? >> yeah. we're up 16%. >> i would hardly call that a green shoot even. i would call that a full-blown forest, god's tear on eden. jobs lag behind. that's always the case. it will be a big, important issue. but i don't think you can disregard it. >> i would say part of the issue is that
of the list. even with recent gains withford and taking on toyota, joining detroit the worst -rs of the worse, st. louis, missouri at number 49. ph*eupl, sunshine, no warmth for job seekers, it is number 48. las vegas, a real gamble for jobless at number 47 and riverside california with ten people competing for every help-wanted ad. now, not all the news is grim. take a look at the top five major cities, easiest nation to get a job. hartford connecticut, three people vying for every job add and believe it or not, with call street close, the big apple. baltimore, maryland takes the next spot, washington d.c. at number two, uncle sam is a big hirer and one person per advertised job. chances are things will only get better with more government bureaucracy, a boom town. drum roll, please. now the easiest city to find a job. technology tops these days in hiring. san jose in silicon valley is the best spot to be without a job. it is just about even with the nation's capitol for job seekers vying for a job, one to one. >> and i would vote for their weather over what we had this year so if you are in
. incentives from toyota may be around for a while. industry analysts who track pricing and incentives, expect the automaker may maintain elevated discounts as it pats to recover its reputation for quality. that's business with the "blerg on the weekend report" i'm deborah kostroun. >> do you hate having to call a company only to be put on hold? there is a new product that does the holding for you. you go do the web site, punch in the number or name of any company, plug in your own number, and they will call you once a live operator picks up the line. >> i had to make a call. they put me on hold. they put me on hold, i did some things, and 23 minutes later, they called me back. >> lucyphone was inspired by the "i love lucy show." >> an historic project underway. manuscripts from medieval time are allowing works to be viewed for the first time for free online. jennifer franciotti has more. >> this is on lake geneva in europe. >> a one of a kind created in 1066. at the walters art museum in baltimore, the curator william noel is used to handling these books. >> in digital form people will be abl
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Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)

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